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Mar 12, 2013 - 2 minute read - Development

Jasmine Maven Plugin - My First Release

I began using the the Jasmine Maven Plugin in June of 2012 and was immediately impressed with how well it worked and how easy it made automating my test execution. Soon after I discovered require.js and decided to begin using it in my applications. I learned quickly however that the require.js support in the Jasmine Maven Plugin had quite a few issues and so I decided to try and help fix some of them.

Fast-forward to January of this year and I found myself a maintainer of the plugin with full commit access and a huge list of issues (thank you Justin Searls for the opportunity). I’ve had a few goals for my first release:

  • don’t break anything (still crossing my fingers on this one)
  • make spec runner templates more useful by providing more variables
  • merge the require.js specific code into the default code
  • make the behavior of the jasmine:bdd goal and the jasmine:test goal consistent
  • improve overall code quality and setup checks to monitor and measure code quality

I’m happy to say that version is out and while only time will tell if I didn’t break anything and improving code quality is ongoing, I am confident that I achieved my goals. For a full list of bug fixes and enhancements in go here

Please check out the new site for information on usage of the plugin and post any issues you find on github.

The next release is planned for a little over a month from now and will have some new exciting features including support for using PhantomJS rather than HtmlUnit for headless test execution.